By | August 5, 2022

Genovis AB and evitria AG today signed a service agreement to offer evitria’s customers fast LC-MS characterization of recombinant antibodies using Genovis proprietary enzyme technologies. evitria AG is a world leading service provider for recombinant antibody expression in CHO cells with headquarters in Zürich, Switzerland.

With this new service agreement, Genovis expands into a new business area that combines the ease of use of the SmartEnzymesTM with the competence and experience in the Genovis team to make advanced LC-MS analytics of recombinant antibodies available to a broader market. This agreement is a starting point for Genovis ambitions to offer advanced automated LC-MS analytical services to biopharma customers where the underlying trend to outsource research and development activities continues to grow.

  • Our transient expression service is designed to provide the highest quality material within the shortest timeframe possible. The SmartEnzymes workflow from Genovis perfectly complements this approach by providing valuable insights from LC-MS analysis with rapid turnaround times. We cannot wait to offer this to the market, and empower researchers with the combination of our technologies, says Christian Eberle, CEO at evitria.
  • By offering the SmartEnzymes workflow as a service to antibody developers, we demonstrate our fast and robust sample preparation technologies that allows for easy interpretation of advanced LC-MS antibody characterization data. The quality and speed of the automated recombinant antibody services provided by evitria makes them a perfect partner for us to expand our service offering and we are excited to team up with one of the leaders in this field, says Fredrik Olsson, CEO at Genovis.

About evitria AG

evitria AG is the market-leading transient CHO expression service provider. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, they have supported a global base of preclinical researchers with CHO-based transient expression for over 12 years. With a track record of more than 100,000 transfections and more than 15,000 antibodies and proteins purified, evitria has fully optimized their workflows for high quality productions in the shortest timeframes possible.

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